Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed “Wa” which means Japanese “gyu” cattle, this was derived from native Asian cattle. They were originally used for draft in agriculture because of their physical endurance.

The Japanese government banned the export of Wagyu and declared them a national treasure after realizing the value of their unique product. However 4 bulls were exported to the U.S.A, and thence to Australia.

Australia received first genetics in 1990 and was greatly influenced by a shipment of 5 full blood animals from Japan to the U.S.A in 1993. Australia has accumulated the best Wagyu genetic material outside of Japan in a country free of those diseases which restrict exports from other countries. Wagyu cattle are classified as full blood, purebred or crossbred and all three types of beef can officially be named Wagyu even if they carry only 50% of the genetics.

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